Why Is There a Waiting Period for Cremation Services?

cremation services in Largo, FL

If your family is interested in trying to cremate a loved one as quickly as you can in the aftermath of their death, you should know you won’t be able to do it right away. Even if you’re okay with the idea of holding cremation services in Largo, FL for a loved one a day or two after their death, Florida law isn’t going to allow it. It dictates that a crematory must wait at least 48 hours before cremating a person. Here is why there is a 48-hour waiting period in place in the state.

To ensure a cremation won’t impact any criminal investigations

Most people don’t die under suspicious circumstances. But in the event that there are suspicious circumstances surrounding a person’s death, the 48-hour waiting period before a cremation will provide police with the option to carry out an autopsy on a person’s body. Once a person is cremated, this will obviously be out of the question. It’s the No. 1 reason why there is a waiting period in place for Largo, FL cremations.

To give a crematory time to obtain a death certificate

Before a crematory can conduct a cremation, they’re going to have to secure a copy of a person’s death certificate. They aren’t going to be able to access this death certificate right away. There are several signatures that they’ll need to obtain to get a death certificate, and the 48-hour waiting period should supply them with the time they’ll need to work their way through the process of securing a death certificate.

To provide a family with an opportunity to decide which cremation services are best

There are several different ways in which a family can cremate a loved one. They can hold what is called a direct or simple cremation for a loved one that doesn’t include any kind of funeral services. But they can also have a funeral for a loved one before cremating them or cremate them and then have a funeral or memorial service if they would like. Whatever the case, the 48-hour waiting period that exists will give them more than enough time to consider their available options so that they can rest assured knowing they went with the right one.

cremation services in Largo, FL

To help a crematory take its time while preparing a person’s body for cremation

It can take some time for a crematory to prepare a person’s body for cremation. They’ll need to do everything from removing jewelry from a person’s body to taking out any medical devices that might be in a person’s body. The 48-hour waiting period should set a crematory up with the time they’ll need to begin to make at least some preparations to a person’s body in advance. It’ll allow them to get right down to business once the waiting period is over.

Our crematory always abides by the 48-hour waiting period that is in place in Florida. But we also strive to help families move through the Largo, FL cremation process as quickly as they’d like. We can get your loved one cremated as soon as you want when you commit to working with our crematory. Give us a call today to get more information on how we can help your family.

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