Why is it important to choose a cremation service with an on-site crematory?


“Cremation” is in the name of many funeral homes, even if they do not have a crematory and have to outsource their cremations to a third party. Here at Best Care, we own and operate our own crematory. We are able to maintain the highest level of quality control and provide you and your family peace-of-mind and assurance knowing your loved one never leaves our care. Our Worry Free Cremation™ process includes a Positive ID Protocol™ to verify each and every cremation we perform.

How many death certificates do I need?

Death certificates are often required to settle the affairs of your deceased loved one. The number of death certificates will depend upon the quantity of assets they have. Typically, an original death certificate will be needed for: bank accounts, insurance policies, vehicle registrations, military benefits, settling estates, etc. Some places will only need to see the original and will return it to you and others will keep it. Consult an estate attorney if you have questions about the number of death certificates needed.

Should I notify the Social Security Administration?

When a death occurs, Social Security must be notified. Best Care will send the initial notification of death to the local Social Security office to inform them of the death. We encourage the family to contact Social Security, two weeks after death, to determine if the survivor qualifies for any survivor benefits and to determine if there are any benefits that need to be returned.

What do I do with the cremated remains? Can I keep them at home?

Determining a final resting place for your loved one’s remains is a very personal and individual decision. You may keep cremated remains at home with you as long as you choose. If you choose to keep them at home, we would recommend that you consider keeping them in a decorative urn or container, however this is not required by law. We offer many types of decorative urns and keepsake urns.

With cremation, you can still have a burial and a graveside service. Many cemeteries have a specific area for the burial of cremated remains. If you do not intend to bury the cremated remains, there is no need to buy a plot and purchase a grave marker.

Another option is a columbarium, which is a freestanding structure or a wall that contain niches. A cremation niche is an above-ground burial space in which the urn, cremated remains and sometimes a few small articles belonging to the deceased are placed.

You may also choose to scatter your loved one’s ashes. Our staff will provide guidance to you on safe and legal options for scattering.


How long will it take to complete the cremation?

Cremation is an irreversible, unstoppable process. There are several safeguards in place to ensure that a cremation is not performed prematurely. There are cremation laws in the state of Florida that we must abide by. One of those laws is a 48-hour mandatory waiting period. Additionally, the law requires that the death certificate be completed and signed by the certifying physician and approved by the medical examiner. While physicians normally sign the death certificate as quickly as their schedules allow, it may sometimes take several days to get through this certification process.

Although this process before cremation does require some time, it also ensures that cremations are not performed before any questions about the cause of death have been adequately answered. Best Care will always make every effort to complete the cremation promptly, accurately, and according to all state laws and regulations.

Is it necessary to embalm my loved one before cremation?

If there is no viewing, there is no need for embalming or cosmetic expenses.

Who is responsible for paying for the funeral?

Surviving family members will become liable for disposition costs. To avoid this from happening, an individual may opt to preplan and prepay for his/her own funeral expenses.

Where do I begin when preplanning my cremation arrangements?


Preplanning gives you the ability to create a plan for your cremation according to your specific choices and preferences. It also relieves your family members of the burden of payment and having to make final arrangements without knowing your wishes. Another benefit of preplanning is that your price is locked in at today’s rates. Payment plans are available, including 24 months interest free! Our Best Care Preplanning Specialists can provide guidance to you as you create your plan. Contact our office for additional information.

Does the Department of Veteran’s Affairs pay for cremation of a veteran?

The VA provides burial benefits to eligible veterans to help cover the expense of cremation or a funeral. If the decedent was receiving a monthly disability check from the VA, he/she will qualify for cash help. Reimbursement will range from $300 to $2000 depending on the level of disability and the place of death. Our staff is here to guide you and answer your questions as you make final arrangements for your military loved one. We know and understand military benefits.


Can I have my pet cremated at Best Care?

At this time, no. The state of Florida requires separate cremation chambers for humans and animals and currently we are operating one crematory