Our Forms

Below you will find forms and brochures that will assist you with the cremation planning process. You are not required to complete all these forms on your own. We know this is a difficult time and it’s probably the last thing you feel like doing right now. Our care team will walk you through the legal and informational forms necessary to plan for your loved one’s final care. Some folks like to have copies of the forms ahead of time to be prepared and know what to expect.

Funeral home and cremation services must provide consumers with information regarding prices before they start to shop or discuss services. This is a rule we all must follow, no exceptions. The GPL shows not only our package pricing but also includes a detailed list and prices for the most commonly offered goods and services.

The arrangement form helps your funeral director collect the information needed to complete the death certificate and notify Social Security.

This is a legal document signed by the legal next of kin and gives authorization for the cremation to proceed once all the necessary approvals are obtained. It ensures compliance and protection to our clients.

An obituary is a short biography or life story of someone who recently died. They are an important way that we remember the people who matter to us. The task of writing one can be intimidating to some people. This informational form will help you organize your thoughts and give you a place to gather and relevant information. Our funeral directors will provide guidance to you as you compose the obituary and decide where you would like to share it.

Best Care accepts all major credit cards as payment for cremation services. This form is used to grant Best Care permission to charge a credit card authorized by you for pre-approved purchases.