Items Your Family Can Put in a Loved One’s Cremation Container

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Just before your loved one’s cremation services in Clearwater, FL are set to begin, their body will be put into a combustible cremation container. This container is designed to jumpstart the cremation process once a person’s body is placed into a cremation chamber. You and your family can choose to place just your loved one’s body into a cremation container if you want. But you’ll also have the option to put any items that you might want into the container, too. Here are several items that you may want to consider putting into your loved one’s cremation container.


A great way to say goodbye to a loved one is to write a letter to them. Even though your loved one won’t actually get to read the letter, you and your family members can say anything that you would like to say to your loved one through letters. It can be a very cathartic experience for you all. It’s why you should consider sticking letters from your family members into your loved one’s Clearwater, FL cremation container. It’ll serve as a fantastic way for each of you to say goodbye to your loved one in your own way.


You’re probably not going to want to stick a bunch of original photographs into your loved one’s cremation container. It’ll result in you losing these photos forever. But if you would like to literally surround your loved one with your family’s love and support during their cremation, you can make copies of some special family photos and place them into their cremation container. It’s another good way for your family to say goodbye to your loved one as you prepare to have their body cremated.


If there are children in your family who are trying to mourn your loved one’s loss, how about having them do it by drawing pictures for your loved one? You can then have these pictures placed into your loved one’s cremation container. You might also want to think about having kids donate one of their stuffed animals to your loved one’s cremation container. Kids might feel better about saying goodbye to a loved one when they’re able to make a contribution to their cremation container.

cremation services in Clearwater, FL

Poems, song lyrics, etc.

Are there certain poems, songs, etc. that remind you of your loved one? If there are, you might want to print some of them out and stick them into your loved one’s cremation container. You and your family will have a ball trying to come up with new poems, song lyrics, etc. to put into the container. You’ll be able to share stories about your loved one while you’re doing it and look back on the wonderful life that they were able to lead.

Are you wondering whether or not you and your family can put certain items into a loved one’s cremation container? If you are, we can tell you if it would be OK for you to do it. We’ve conducted quite a few Clearwater, FL cremations over time and can fill you in on what can and cannot be cremated. Reach out to us to ask any cremation-related questions that you might have.

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