How to Say Goodbye to Someone Who Is Being Cremated

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Some families are under the impression that they won’t be able to say goodbye to their loved ones if they decide to hold cremation services in Largo, FL for them. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Prior to cremating a loved one, you should always attempt to find a good way to say goodbye to them. There are actually a handful of options that you’ll have. Here is a guide on some of the top ways to say goodbye to someone who is set to be cremated.

Hold a funeral for them.

Just because you’re going to be holding a Largo, FL cremation for a loved one doesn’t mean that you can’t still hold a funeral for them. In fact, you should try to hold a funeral for a loved one regardless of whether you’re going to be burying them or cremating them. A funeral will give your family an opportunity to celebrate your loved one’s life. It’ll also give you a chance to say your goodbyes to your loved one right before their cremation is set to take place.

Stage a viewing for them.

If you don’t want to go as far as to hold a funeral for a loved one prior to their cremation, you will also have the option to throw together a viewing for them. A viewing will give you and your family a chance to say goodbye to your loved one while they’re still around in the physical form. It’ll also allow anyone else who would like to say goodbye to your loved one to come and do the same. A viewing will be a little bit less formal than a funeral, but it’ll still give you the chance to say your goodbyes to your loved one.

Arrange a private goodbye with them.

If nothing else, you and your family should speak to a crematory and see if they would allow you to hold a private goodbye with your loved one just minutes before their cremation is going to begin. Many crematories will allow families to do this so that they’re able to see their loved ones for the final time prior to the start of their cremation. You and your family will be able to say goodbye to your loved one collectively if you’re able to convince a crematory to let you do this.

Plan a memorial service or life celebration for them.

You don’t necessarily need to say goodbye to your loved one in a formal way before their cremation services. You can also wait until after your loved one’s cremation is complete to hold either a memorial service or a life celebration for them. More and more families have started to go with one of these options since it provides them with more freedom as far as what they want to do to celebrate a loved one’s life. You might want to consider going in this direction if you don’t want to rush through your goodbyes for your loved one.

We believe very strongly in allowing families to say goodbye to their loved ones either before or after their Largo, FL cremations. We can help you decide which course of action you should take when it comes to saying goodbye to your loved one. Contact us today to hear more about our cremation services.

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