How to Plan a Memorial Service for Someone Who Is Being Cremated

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Would your family like to hold a traditional funeral for a loved one prior to their cremation services in Clearwater, FL? You’re more than welcome to do it. But if you want, you can also wait until after your loved one’s cremation services are complete and then hold a memorial service for them. This has turned into a really popular option among families since it provides them with more flexibility right from the start. Continue reading to find out how to plan a memorial service for someone who is being cremated so that it’s a total success.

1.  Figure out when you want to hold a memorial service for your loved one.

The beauty of holding a memorial service for a loved one following their Clearwater, FL cremation is that you can hold it at almost any time. You don’t have to rush right into holding a memorial service for them. You and your family can check your schedules and figure out a time that is going to work best for everyone. Whether that means holding a memorial service right after your loved one’s cremation or doing it at some other time down the line, it would be great to get a day set in stone at the start.

2. Pick out the right place to stage a memorial service for your loved one.

Once you know when you’re going to hold a loved one’s memorial service, you can begin to think about where you want to hold it. Some people will choose to stage a memorial service for a loved one in a funeral home or a chapel. But you can also hold one elsewhere if you would like. For example, some people will hold memorial services for their loved ones in parks or at beaches. You should brainstorm some ideas and then choose the one that you like the best in the end.

3. Do what you can to make a loved one’s memorial service unique.

Your loved one’s memorial service shouldn’t look and feel just like all the other memorial services you have been to over time. It should be completely unique to your loved one. To accomplish this goal, you should sit down and consider which readings, songs, etc. you want to incorporate into it. You should also find ways to work things like photos and videos of your loved one into the mix. You and your family should go above and beyond to make your loved one’s memorial service truly special.

4. Make sure that you let others know about your loved one’s memorial service.

If people start to hear that you’re not having any kind of funeral service for your loved one before their cremation, they might assume that you’re just not having one at all. It’s why you’ll need to work hard to inform people about the memorial service that you will be holding following your loved one’s cremation. You can do this by using social media to your advantage. But you might also have to pick up the phone and start calling people directly to tell them about your loved one’s memorial service.

Planning a memorial service for a loved one can be overwhelming if you haven’t ever done it before. Best Care Cremation can make the planning process a little easier on you when you make Clearwater, FL funeral arrangements for your loved one through us. Reach out to us to discover more about how we can help.

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