How Much Do Cremated Remains Weigh?

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If your family is thinking about bringing a loved one’s cremated remains home with you following their cremation services in Largo, FL, you might be wondering how much these remains will weigh. The weight of the remains will help you determine everything from which urn you buy to keep them in to where you decide to put the remains. Continue reading to learn more about the weight of cremation remains.

Most cremated remains weigh somewhere around 7 pounds.

Generally speaking, most people’s cremated remains will weigh right around 7 pounds at the conclusion of the Largo, FL cremation process. That is the average weight of cremated remains these days. You should be able to fit this amount of cremated remains into a standard-size cremation urn with ease. You should also be able to carry around 7 pounds worth of cremated remains without a problem.

Some people’s cremated remains will weigh more than 7 pounds.

Although most people’s cremated remains will weigh in at right around 7 pounds, there are some instances in which a person’s remains will weigh more than that. If a person was either very tall or very heavy, there is a decent chance that their remains will weigh 8 pounds, 9 pounds, 10 pounds, or even more. It all depends on how tall and/or heavy the person actually was. But in this case, you’ll often have to invest in a larger urn for a person because of the weight of their remains.

Certain people’s cremated remains might also come in at under 7 pounds.

There aren’t too many people who will produce cremated remains that will come in at under 7 pounds. But if a person was unusually short and/or thin, there is a possibility that their remains might come in at less than 7 pounds. In this case, you might not need to purchase a regular urn for them. You may be able to get away with an urn that is on the smaller side for their remains. A cremation provider should be able to show you some smaller options that will work well for your loved one’s remains.

cremation services in Largo, FL

A cremation provider should be able to estimate how much cremated remains will weigh.

Most cremation providers have carried out hundreds, if not thousands, of cremations at this point. Because of this, they can typically give you a better sense of how much a person’s remains are going to weigh just by looking at them. They can gauge the weight of a person’s remains after seeing how tall and heavy that they are. It would be worth asking them to estimate how much a loved one’s cremated remains might weigh so that you’re able to shop around for the right urn for them.

We’ve been conducting Largo, FL cremations at our facility for a long time now. As a result, we can tell you approximately how much your loved one’s remains will weigh if you would like. Reach out to us now to take advantage of our cremation services.

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