Can People and Pets Be Cremated at the Same Place?

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Both people and pets can be cremated during cremation services in Clearwater, FL. But can they be cremated at the same place? That’s a question that you might find yourself asking yourself, regardless of whether you’re interested in cremating a family member or a pet. It can be a little bit complicated trying to arrive at an answer but you should be able to do it by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Find out if people and pets can be cremated at the same places below.

People and pets cannot be cremated in the same cremation chambers.

Under Florida law, it isn’t legal for people and pets to be cremated in the same cremation chambers. If a crematory wants to offer to carry out Clearwater, FL cremations, they need to have two different cremation chambers in their facility. This would explain why many crematories will tell you that they can’t cremate both people and pets in their facilities at any point. It won’t be an option for at least some of them.

Some crematories only use one cremation chamber.

The reason why many crematories can’t cremate both people and pets is because they will only have one cremation chamber that they use. That’s really all that the average crematory needs to conduct its standard cremation services. If you work with a crematory that only has one cremation chamber, you won’t even have to bother asking about their policy on cremating people vs. pets. They aren’t going to have the capabilities to cremate pets for you.

Other crematories have more than one cremation chamber available.

Although the majority of crematories only have one cremation chamber, there are some that will have more than one. Some of these crematories will have more than one chamber because they’re used to carrying out a large number of cremations. In this case, they still won’t be able to cremate pets since they’ll be using all their cremation chambers for humans. There are, however, some crematories that set aside a cremation chamber for pets. This is the kind of crematory you’ll need if you plan to cremate a pet.

cremation services in Clearwater, FL

You will need to speak with someone from a crematory to get a definitive answer.

It can be confusing trying to figure out which crematories can cremate both people and pets and which ones can only do one or the other. It’s why you should speak with someone from a crematory about this topic if you’re interested in getting a definitive answer about what a crematory can do. You should also ask someone from a crematory any other questions that you might have about cremation while you’re talking to them.

Do you have questions about the Clearwater, FL cremation process that you would like answered? Our crematory can provide you with the information that you’re looking for. We can also help you plan a cremation for a loved one if you would like (sorry, but we don’t cremate pets at this time!). Give us a call today to get started.

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