Where You Should Choose to Display a Loved One’s Remains in a Home

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Is your family’s plan to bring a loved one’s cremated remains home with you following their upcoming cremation services in Largo, FL so that you can put them on display? This is a fantastic way for you and your family to make it feel like your loved one is still around to some degree. But if you’re going to go with this option, you should try to pick out the perfect place to display your loved one’s remains in your home. Check out the great options that you’ll have below.

You can put your loved one’s remains on your fireplace mantel.

Generally speaking, you’re going to want to put a loved one’s remains in a place in your home where it’s going to be easy to see them all the time. So if you have a fireplace mantel, that might be the best spot for them. You won’t be able to miss your loved one’s remains when you stick them on your fireplace mantel. They’ll be in your line of vision every time that you walk into your living room. You’ll be able to continue to spend time with your loved one when you have them in a place like your living room where your family all gathers.

You can keep your loved one’s remains tucked away in a hutch.

While displaying a loved one’s remains on a fireplace mantel might work for some families, it’s going to stress other families out. They’re going to have a tough time living with the fact that their loved one’s remains are always going to be one errant ball throw away from ending up all over the ground. If your family is concerned about this, you should keep your loved one’s remains in a hutch following their Largo, FL cremation. They aren’t going to be distributed at any point when you have them safely tucked away in a hutch.

You can show off your loved one’s remains in your foyer.

Would you like for your loved one’s remains to be the first thing that you see when you walk into your home? Would you also like them to be the last thing that you see when you leave it? Then you might want to consider putting the remains into your foyer. You can place them on a table so that they’re always there when your family is coming and going. You’ll just need to be extra careful around them to ensure that they don’t ever get knocked over in your foyer.

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You can stick your loved one’s remains into the privacy of your bedroom.

If you don’t necessarily want to put your loved one’s remains out on full display for all to see, you might want to give some thought to putting them in your bedroom. You’ll still be able to look at your loved one’s remains whenever you want. But they won’t be out for all of your guests to see. Keeping a loved one’s remains in a bedroom isn’t going to be the ideal choice for all families. But it is an option that you might want to consider.

Before families can begin thinking about where to display a loved one’s cremated remains, they need to plan Largo, FL cremations for them. We can lend a hand to any families that need help navigating their way through the cremation process. Give us a call to take advantage of our excellent cremation services.

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