What Is a Cremation With a Final Goodbye?

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In the immediate aftermath of a loved one’s death, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of saying goodbye to them. Even if you aren’t going to hold an official funeral for a loved one, you should still try to work out a way to say goodbye to them prior to their cremation services in Clearwater, FL. One way you can do this is by planning what’s called a Cremation With a Final Goodbye for your loved one. Continue reading to find out what this is.

It’ll include the basics when it comes to planning a cremation.

A Cremation With a Final Goodbye is going to include many of the basics as far as planning Clearwater, FL cremations are concerned. When you sign up for this package, a cremation provider will work on transporting your loved one to their facility. They’ll also store your loved one’s body as they work on preparing the necessary paperwork and getting their hands on the proper permits. They’ll then give some of your family members an opportunity to say goodbye to your loved one before conducting their cremation.

It’ll give five family members the chance to say goodbye to a loved one.

At first glance, you might think that a Cremation With a Final Goodbye is going to be a cremation that comes with a viewing. But it’s worth pointing out that this is not the case. With a Cremation With a Final Goodbye, you and your family will only be allowed to bring five family members to a facility to say goodbye to a loved one. You will likely want to reserve these five slots for your loved one’s immediate family members who were closest to them. They’ll have about 20 minutes to say their goodbyes to your loved one.

It’ll cost less than most other cremation services.

Almost all cremation services are going to be on the more affordable side. But a Cremation With a Final Goodbye will be on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to cost. You might be able to get access to this cremation package for less than $1,000, which will allow you to pay just a fraction of what you would have to pay for other packages. It’s what makes this kind of package so appealing to those families who are operating on tight budgets.

cremation services in Clearwater, FL

It’ll allow a cremation provider to conduct a person’s cremation quickly.

Because there isn’t going to be much in terms of a funeral service for someone when your family chooses a Cremation With a Final Goodbye, a cremation provider will be able to plan this type of cremation quickly. You should be able to cremate a loved one within a matter of just a few days when you choose this package and run with it. You’ll really appreciate this if you and your family are in a hurry to cremate a loved one fast without holding any grandiose funeral services.

Do you want to learn more about how a Cremation With a Final Goodbye works? We’re a Clearwater, FL cremation provider that would be happy to help you discover more about this particular package. Give us a call now to get the inside scoop on how it works.

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