How to Plan a Viewing Before a Cremation

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If you and your family would like to hold cremation services in Largo, FL for a loved one without having a viewing for them first, you’re free to do it. There isn’t going to be anything stopping you from cremating a loved one without having any kind of celebration of their life first. But if you can afford to do it, holding a viewing for a loved one prior to their cremation will be very beneficial. It’ll give your family a chance to say goodbye to a loved one and surround yourselves with plenty of love and support. Here’s a guide on how to plan a successful viewing for a loved one in advance of their cremation.

Choose a cremation provider that can help you.

Not every Largo, FL cremation provider is going to be able to assist you when it comes to holding a viewing for a loved one. With this in mind, you’ll need to search for one that can give you the help you need. You should look around in the area for a cremation provider that’s cut out for the job. You should be able to find at least a few options that will be able to set you up with assistance when it’s time to plan a viewing for your loved one.

Figure out where you’d like to hold a viewing.

A good cremation provider will be able to do more than just help you plan a viewing for a cremation. They’ll also have rooms available for you to use for your loved one’s viewing. You should see which rooms they have in their facility and find the right one for the viewing that you’re trying to plan. It should be a room that can provide you and your family with the space you’ll need to hold a viewing for a loved one.

Pick the right day and time to hold a viewing.

Some families will hold a viewing on the day before a loved one’s cremation. Others will wait until right before a loved one’s cremation to have a viewing for them. You should have some flexibility as far as when your loved one’s viewing is going to be. It’ll be up to you and your family to decide which day and time would work best for you all based on your schedules.

cremation services in Largo, FL

Find a way to invite people to a viewing.

You will want to try to look for some good ways to let people know that you’ll be holding a viewing for a loved one. You might be able to do it by adding a note to the end of their obituary. You might also be able to do it by using social media to your advantage. But there is a chance that you might need to call people individually to let them know about your loved one’s viewing. This will be especially true if you’re going to hold a viewing soon after a loved one’s death since people might miss it if you don’t act fast and let them know about it.

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