A Complete Rundown of the Cremation Process From Start to Finish

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Are you thinking about choosing cremation services in St. Petersburg, FL for yourself? Or do you know that you’re going to be cremating a loved one sometime soon? Either way, it’s going to be very important for you to have a good understanding of the cremation process. This is the process that’s going to be used to carry out a cremation from beginning to end. Today, we’re going to run through this process for you so that you know what it’s all about. Check out the steps associated with the cremation process below.

Step 1: A person’s body is identified and their family signs off on their cremation.

Before a St. Petersburg, FL cremation can be carried out, it’s going to be imperative that a cremation services provider go above and beyond to identify their body properly. Most providers have a system in place to ensure that bodies are identified in the right way. It’s also going to be imperative that a cremation services provider reach out to a person’s family so that they can sign off on their cremation once and for all. A provider shouldn’t proceed without doing both of these things.

Step 2: A person’s body is prepared and placed into a cremation container.

After a person’s body has been identified and their family has signed off on their cremation, a cremation services provider will get to work on preparing the body. They’ll remove any medical devices from it and take off any jewelry a person may have been wearing at the time of their death. They’ll also put a person in whatever clothing their family would like for their cremation. Once those things are done, the person’s body will then be put into a combustible cremation container.

Step 3: A person’s body is moved into a cremation chamber.

As soon as a person’s body is placed into a cremation container, their cremation can start. A cremation services provider will take their cremation container and put it inside of a cremation chamber. This is where the actual cremation is going to take place. A cremation chamber will reach temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It’ll break a person’s body down and finish off their cremation in right around two hours in most cases.

cremation services in St. Petersburg, FL

Step 4: A person’s remains are processed right away.

You’ve likely seen what cremated remains look like before. They’ll look almost like a darker-colored sand when they’re placed into an urn or another type of container. But that’s not actually what they look like right after a cremation is complete. They’ll often look more like a small pile of bone fragments. A cremation services provider will take them and process them so that the remains are very small and uniform in size. They’ll then hand them off to a person’s family so that they can decide what to do with them next. It’ll bring the cremation process to a close.

Now that you know more about the cremation process, you may feel more comfortable pre-planning a cremation for yourself or planning a cremation for a loved one. Best Care Cremation can lend a hand and take care of all your cremation needs. You can count on us to make the best St. Petersburg, FL funeral arrangements for you or a loved one. Reach out to us today for assistance.

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